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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh ya, I have a blog

So, I totes forgot that I had one of these things. One of the many reasons I didn't start one in the first place and courageously avoided it for years.
I LOVE writing. But am bad at it when I feel pressured to do so. Not that I write badly...I actually am rather fond of the things I write, or what would be the use in jotting it down? Just bad at sittin' me ol' arse down fer a bit and actually executing the danged thang.
So, I suppose we could go on for a bit about my life at present, but I find it all very complex and mystifying as well as simple and simply uninteresting all at the same time and I don't think that I'm going to do that.
I have about 7 followers, and because I don't know how to use the internet very well and usually end up clicking on things because they ask me to do so resulting in catastrophic outcomes (not that I'm THAT stupid, but my weakness HAS led to more than a few "count to tens" by my internetally brilliant husband.) I believe I actually follow myself. So, if one of the six of you still read this...pick a topic and write away I shall on that.

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  1. I know how you feel Morgan. I always promise my 3 or 4 followers a post and then never get around to it. Don't feel bad, I know my blog is for me more than anyone else.